How to jump fuel pump relay on chevy truck

man works on a truck engine

Chevy trucks are great for rough terrains and long-distance road trips. But what happens when the chevy’s fuel pump relay stops working? Ideally, you must replace the fuel pump relay immediately, but these pumps are expensive, and they may just stop working when you are traveling! So, the first thing you should learn is how … Read more

How to Adjust Caster on Chevy truck

close up of a truck tire caster info

A caster is a part of most automotive front suspensions and the camber and toe. These three parts offer separate adjustments to ensure that a car’s front tires are appropriately positioned.  Here are a few details on how to adjust a caster on chevy truck and align your car so that you do not have … Read more

How to Start a Dodge Ram 1500 Without a Key

Owning too many keys increases the amount of responsibilities you have in life. They are usually never where they are supposed to be. Losing keys is as customary as brushing your teeth in the morning. Even having a designated area for them does not help. There are many ways to lose keys, and you may … Read more

How to Change Battery in Toyota Key Fob

picture of batteries

The convenience of the key fob goes beyond the boundaries of advanced automobiles. So what do you do when the battery dies in your key fob?  Here is an article that tells you all that you need to know about changing the battery in your Toyota key fob. Table of Contents Toggle Is a key … Read more

How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card

hand holding an SD card package

As essential as food is to humans, similarly GPS is to vehicles. A person can locate themselves anywhere on the earth, even on the most deserted location, with the help of GPS navigation. It gives a precise measurement of the location of your vehicle. These automobile companies are constantly bringing new updates for navigation maps … Read more

How to Straight Pipe a Truck

Truck driving in the desert

If you’ve always wanted your ride to sound like a race car and you’re wondering how you can get your engines to roar when you hit the gas pedal? The answer for you is a straight exhaust pipe system. Most of the spiffed-up cars that cruise down roads sounding like they’re about to play out … Read more