How Long Does A Wheel Alignment Take?

back wheel of a car wheel alignment

Wheel alignment extends the life of your tires and improves the driving momentum of your vehicle. Wheel alignment is the process of balancing and correcting the angle of each wheel with respect to the vehicle’s body and each other. The subject of a wheel alignment is a highly debated issue among vehicle owners. This post … Read more

Can I Fill A Flat Tire With Air?

white man fixing a flat tire on a light blue car

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to flat tires. Some people believe you can fix them by filling them with air, while others contend replacing a punctured tire is the only solution. Here’s what you need to know about both options: first, check the pressure in your spare tire. If it’s low, … Read more

Do I Need an Alignment after Replacing a Wheel Hub?

black and white image of a man fixing a car

Cars are amazing machines that can take us anywhere we want to go. However, they do require some maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Do you need an alignment after replacing a wheel hub? An important aspect of car maintenance is keeping the wheels aligned correctly.  This article will explain wheel alignment and whether or … Read more

Do I Need An Alignment after Adding Wheel Spacers?

black and white care tire on the floor wheel spacers

Cars are built to specific measurements and tolerances. When you add wheel spacers, you are changing the offset of your wheels. This can potentially throw off the alignment of your car.  The good news is that most cars will not need an alignment after adding wheel spacers. However, it’s always best to check with a … Read more

Does Uber Pay for Flat Tires?

red car with uber flat tires

Uber is a ridesharing service that has become incredibly popular in recent years. The app allows riders to request a ride from a nearby driver, and the rider’s credit card is charged for the fare. But what happens if your Uber driver gets a flat tire? Does Uber pay for flat tires? Let’s take a … Read more

How to Adjust Caster on Chevy truck

close up of a truck tire caster info

A caster is a part of most automotive front suspensions and the camber and toe. These three parts offer separate adjustments to ensure that a car’s front tires are appropriately positioned.  Here are a few details on how to adjust a caster on chevy truck and align your car so that you do not have … Read more