How to Change Battery in Toyota Key Fob

The convenience of the key fob goes beyond the boundaries of advanced automobiles. So what do you do when the battery dies in your key fob? 

Here is an article that tells you all that you need to know about changing the battery in your Toyota key fob.

Is a key fob better than a manual key?

Contactless or keyless ignition has become very popular among automakers with the advent of technology. 

A key fob is itself a revolution for drivers. You get better access control plus saving time and money from rekeying your car when the manual keying fails. Another reason for its popularity is for security reasons. You get to protect your vehicle with advanced security measures with no way of thieves getting away without your key fob.

Even if you misplace or lose your key fob, getting a new one is such an easy process. You have to visit your nearest Toyota Service center and ask the staff to cut you a new key and program a new fob to your current car. In case of unrepairable damage to your current fob key, you can still get it replaced with a new one that works. 

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How to change battery in Toyota key fob?

Toyota has always been a more reliable and trustworthy brand for automobiles. And with the introduction of the contactless fob keys, the brand has gone a step further into being more reliable than ever.

They are also known for their excellent customer service, which can help you find solutions to any problems regarding your vehicle. This includes a step by step on how to change battery in the Toyota key fob:

  1. Remove the manual key from your key fob by pressing the metal button on top of the key part. This will open the compartment that has the key inside. Once it opens, you can pull out the key.
  1. Next, take a screwdriver or anything flat and thin enough to fit into the screws to unscrew what holds the key fob together. Open the fob once the screws come off.
  1. You will see a small green circuit board inside. Remove the board from the rest of the device but do it as gently as possible. The wires attached to the circuit board are essential to your key fob and should not come undone.
  1. Take a good look at what kind of battery your key fob needs and replace the batter underneath the circuit board. Read the label of the original battery properly and find a compatible replacement. 
  2. If the print is too small, you can also go to your car’s user manual and check which type of battery you need. Typically, all Toyota key fobs use a CR 2032 3V battery. You can find this in any electronic or hardware stores around you. 
  1. Finally, replace the battery and put your key fob back together. Make sure that you use the correct screws to fit your fob back into place.

If the key still doesn’t work after replacing the batteries, you can open it again, readjust the batteries, and check if it works. In case the key still isn’t responsive, you can take your key to the nearest Toyota servicing center or parts replacement center.

How to replace your whole Toyota key fob with a new one?

If you have lost your Toyota key fob or destroyed it, you can get a replacement quickly. You have to contact your nearest Toyota servicing center or a parts replacement center. You can also check with the Toyota customer service team to see if you can get any discounts on your new key fob. 

Why should you replace Toyota key fob batteries?

As unnecessary as it may seem, it is a good idea to learn how to replace the Toyota key fob battery so that you avoid unexpected emergencies, such as when your key stops working and you cannot unlock your car. 

With a dead battery, you won’t be able to unlock your car, nor will you be able to start or run the vehicle. It is crucial to replace your key fob or its batteries when you need to so that you can continue enjoying the convenience of contactless and hands-free unlocking and locking of your car.

How much will it cost to get a new Toyota fob key?

If you have lost your current Toyota key fob, you can quickly get a replacement no matter the reason for losing your current one. Whether you lost it or it got stolen or was damaged beyond repair, you can get your nearest Toyota service center to cut you a new piece. 

Typically, getting a Toyota Key fob Replacement will cost you anywhere from $200 to $350, which includes cutting the new key and programming the new key fob to your car so it responds to your commands. 

Stress no more about your Toyota key fob not working or getting damaged. You can quickly get it replaced, replace the batteries only or even get a brand new key fob in place of your old one. Any Toyota service center near you will help you along your way if you require getting your key fob to work again.