Code 82 Chevy Sonic

If you own a Chevy Sonic, you probably already know what code 82 means. Or, if you’re new to the car, code 82 is a standard signal you’ll see if the oil meter isn’t set correctly. Let’s take a look at what Code 82 means in a Chevy Sonic:

What is Code 82?

When you’re driving your Chevy sonic, and the dashboard shows code 82, this means that your car needs to change its oil soon. The Code 82 message will pop up on your dashboard every time your oil meter reaches the 5% line or less. 

Sometimes, even if you refill and change your engine oil, the code will keep blinking if you fail to reset the oil meter. Code 82 is one of these things that sounds a lot scarier than it is, and it is like an error code and may scare new drivers into thinking their car is about to shut down. However, this is not the case. 

Code 82 in a Chevy Sonic acts as a warning message to indicate that your oil may need a change. Sometimes if you don’t reset your oil meter even after you’ve already changed the oil, this message can pop up on your dashboard.

How serious is code 82 on your Chevy Sonic?

You don’t need to freak out of your dashboard starts flashing the code 82 messages, but you also need to visit your nearest mechanic as soon as possible. If you let the code be as is, it can lead to serious engine problems since it explicitly indicates that your engine oil needs a change. You may also see this message if you or your mechanic forget to reset the oil meter after changing the engine oil as indicated by the error code.

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How to turn off the error code 82 in a Chevy Sonic?

If your mechanic forgets to reset the oil meter, you can do so yourself and stop the error code from popping up in your dashboard as you drive.

Follow these simple steps to turn off the code 82 messages:

  1. Inset your keys in the ignition and turn it to the on position
  2. Toggle the menu button until you reach the “oil life” option
  3. There will be more options under this, one of which says “reset.”
  4. Click on the CLR/Set button till the number reaches 100%
  5. This means that the oil life has changed from 5% or lower to 100%

What is the purpose of code 82 in a Chevy Sonic?

The primary purpose of the error code 82 in your Chevy Sonic is to let you know that your engine oil needs a change. If you pay no heed to this message, it can lead to failure in your car’s engine and end up with much more catastrophic damage. When your car’s engine oil is less than 5%, it will cause the code 82 to pop up in your dashboard. After changing your engine oil, make sure to reset your oil meter to be at 100%.

How to reset your engine oil meter in your Chevy Sonic?

Since there are different models of the Chevy Sonic, there are other interfaces to reset error code 82. Solely depending on which model you drive, you might either have a few dedicated buttons to reset the error code, whereas some models will need to use the turn signal stalk to turn off the error code.

Newer models of the Chevy sonic will require the latter process, whereas the older Chevy sonic models will use the dedicated buttons to turn off or rest the code 92 error message on the dashboard.

What do you mean by error codes in a Chevy Sonic?

Several codes appear on your dashboard depending on what the car may be experiencing with its engine. These codes will indicate what actions you must take to fix your car to run in optimum condition. These codes are no error codes or indicate danger to the car, but some work as vehicle messages to know what you need to do when you take your vehicle for servicing the next time.

Below is a list of the most common codes you may see pop up on your dashboard when driving your Chevy Sonic:

  • 10 Brakes overheated
  • 16 Check Break lamps
  • 66 Service Theft Alarm
  • 82 Change Engine Oil 
  • 84 Engine Power Reduced
  • 91 No Remote Detected
  • 95 Service Airbag
  • 174  Low Battery

Why should you change your engine oil? 

The error code 82 in your Chevy sonic means that you need to change your engine oil. Some people may ignore this warning and fail to change the oil, which will only lead to more severe damage to your car’s engine. 

Your car’s manufacturer may also give you the recommended number of times you need to change your engine oil, but it is arguably best to change your engine oil more often than not. Perhaps, even as often as once every year. This will prevent your car from suddenly breaking down and your car engine from wear and tear.

All in all, as long as the error code 82 pops up on your dashboard, it is best to listen to the message and go to your nearest servicing center to get your engine oil changed. You can also check out this popular video on changing your oil. The Chevy Sonic is a very reliable car, both affordable and durable. Still, it will work at its optimum level only when listening to all the vehicle messages and following suit.