How to Start a Dodge Ram 1500 Without a Key

Owning too many keys increases the amount of responsibilities you have in life. They are usually never where they are supposed to be. Losing keys is as customary as brushing your teeth in the morning. Even having a designated area for them does not help. There are many ways to lose keys, and you may not have an easy solution for every situation. But, if you’ve somehow managed to misplace your Dodge Ram 1500 key, then keep reading. This article will walk you through the various ways to start a Dodge Ram 1500 without a key. It will also provide you with a few other details on the Dodge Ram 1500 fob key.

How to Start a Dodge Ram 1500 Without A Key

If you can’t find the keys to your Dodge Ram 1500, then you’re in luck because we have compiled a few tried and proven methods to start your Dodge Ram 1500 without them.

1) Using the Steering Column to Start a Dodge Ram 1500 Without a Key

Step one: Locating the right apparatus.

  • Seat yourself in the driver’s seat of the car.
  • Locate the steering column and grab it. Detach the plastic covering, and you will see all the parts to start the vehicle.
  • Now locate the harness connector. This can be a tricky step if you do not know what you are looking for. Usually, the harness is located in the middle of the steering column.
  • You will see harness connectors for the wipers as well as headlights. They are located on the left and right sides; make sure you identify the right one before proceeding to the next step.
  • After finding the harness, look for the brown and yellow wire. These are the color codes for the ignition wires.
  • After locating the ignition wires, look for the red battery wires.

Step two: Starting your engine

Ensure you are wearing the appropriate gloves and have all the safety requirements necessary to perform the task.

  • After locating all the necessary wires, you will have to remove about an inch of the insulation.
  • Link the wires once they are exposed. Connect the ignition wire and the brake wire.
  • Once the wires are connected, take the connected wires along with the exposed starter wire and nudge them together.
  • Keep trying until the ignition starts
  • Once the ignition starts, rev the engine to prevent stalling.

Step three: Unlock the steering wheel

To do this, you’ll need a drill and a screwdriver.

  • Open the keyhole that’s inside the steering wheel.
  • You may have to break open the metal keyhole.
  • Breaking open the keyhole will free the spring to unlock the wheel.

Another way to unlock the steering wheel is to rotate it clockwise and then anti-clockwise with a bit of force. This should break the pin that keeps the wheel locked.

2) Using a screwdriver and a drill

This is a more straightforward process than the one mentioned above. You will only need a powerful screwdriver and drill. You can use this method for other vehicles.

  • Insert about 3 quarters of the drill into the metal keyhole.
  • Once embedded, roughly remove and insert the drill while it’s switched on until you can feel that the pins inside the wheel are broken.
  • You can now put the screwdriver in the keyhole and start your engine.

This process works best with 2010 models and above. These models are manufactured with push-start technology which is more advanced than keyhole technology.

3) Using your finger

Using your finger and the key fob is another excellent unconventional way to start your vehicle.

  • You’ll have to insert your little finger in the keyhole.
  • After inserting, you’ll have to turn the ignition on and off. This will not start the vehicle but initiate the process by sending a message to the engine that something is wrong with the key.
  • Now take the key fob beside your little finger and so that engine recognizes the fob. Simultaneously, you will have to turn the keyhole on and off with your finger.
  • This should start your engine.

4) Using an old key fob

  • Make sure you have a fob for your vehicle.
  • Take a seat in your vehicle.
  • Place the bottom of the fob against the truck’s start and stop feature of your vehicle. Doing this will ensure that the truck recognizes the fob.
  • When you have the fob against the truck’s start feature, you have to punch the break at the same time. This will turn on the ignition, and your engine will start without a key.

These are just a few methods to unlock your truck without using a key. Some of these methods can damage your car, so use caution. Be prepared for the possibility of having to replace a few parts while trying to gain access to your car.