Step-By-Step Guide On How To Test Ford Coil Pack With Multimeter

One of the most important parts of your engine is a coil pack, which supplies power to spark plugs. This can be damaged for various reasons, such as installation mistakes or overheating.

When you think about how crucial this little unit really plays on our vehicles, you begin to understand why we should take good care when servicing them so as not to ruin something that helps us drive smoothly down the road.

That said, what if you own a Ford vehicle and the coil pack is not working as it should? How to test Ford coil pack with multimeter? We will answer all your questions and show you how in this article. Follow our instructions carefully so that everything goes smoothly with no complications or errors along the road ahead.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Test Ford Coil Pack with Multimeter

Below are five simple steps that will guide you on how to test your coil pack with the help of a multimeter:

Step 1: Removing Electric Connection from your Coil Pack

The connections on a car’s coil pack are designed so that one side connects with the battery while another has a spark plug. You will need to remove all these joints in order for your pack to be free. This includes taking off any connected parts like clips or wires attached nearby as well.

Step 2: Cleaning the Coil Pack

Your ignition coil pack is one of the essential parts of your car, but it’s also prone to corrosion.

A dirty or clogged-up port will make testing difficult and inaccurate as dust could get into these sensitive areas. This would cause missed results from a test. It may even lead you on an expensive repair or replacement path.

To avoid this from happening, you can use any rag/towel to do this maintenance task if needed.

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Step 3: Taking a Multimeter

For the next step, you have to take the multimeter and measure the resistance of your coil pack. The reading will be more accurate after this step. In order to measure correctly, just make sure that your measuring unit is set at 200 ohms before pressing start on any test routines or functions.

Step 4: Testing the Primary Coil Pack

The Ford coil pack is made up of two different types. One kind, the primary ones can be found inside your pack box, and these need to be tested for faults before installing them onto your vehicle. There will be three ports on your primary connector.

To test that your primary pack is good, put one port on the middle of it and another at either end. The meter reading should be approximately 0.10 ohms – this is an excellent sign for a working unit.

Step 5: Testing the Secondary Coil Packs

Next, you need to set your meter again. Put the measuring unit back into 20K ohms and place one port of your meter on each coil pack. If everything is working correctly and the pack is okay, you should get around 30K ohm readings from both sides.

The coils of your car battery are important to check because they determine how quickly you can start the engine in cold weather. A good pack will have between 6,000 and 30K ohms of resistance.

This is so that you can test all secondary coil packs with their opposite sides and may end up having 4/6/8 of them on your vehicle. Test each one individually before moving on to another one, just as crucial for ensuring that everything is working properly.

The best way to measure your Ford vehicle’s ignition coil pack is with this process. It is safe and easy, but you need to be committed because this takes time for both yourself as well as the vehicle.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Testing Ford Coil Pack with Multimeter

To ensure your safety, you need to first remove the battery connection prior to taking off any parts. Because of how powerful 12 Volt DC power becomes when it is converted into AC, you may get shocked if you made contact with either the pack or plug.

In addition, keep in mind to wear hand gloves when doing the entire process. Not only will this protect your hands from any harmful ingredients, but also skin allergies that might arise due in part to the proximity of these substances. Simply follow these instructions to be safe.

In Conclusion

There you have it – a complete guide on how to test ford coil pack with Multimeter.

I’m glad you made it until the end of this guide. I hope that by now, everything has been explained, and we’re on a good path to proper coil pack removal. Removing these packs should only be done carefully because they can get quite delicate with time as well. Just make sure not to force anything if at all possible.